Project Team Meeting in Elbląg

On 13th and 14th February  2014 in Elbląg the Project Team meeting was held in which the representatives of the Provincial Integrated Hospital in Elbląg and the Municipal Ambulance Station in Kaliningrad participated.


The meeting was held within the framework of implementation of the Polish Project titled „Development of modern emergency medicine units through the infrastructure modernization, extending of decisions support systems and increasing medical benefits based on the cross-border cooperation” under the Grant Contract number: ILPR.02.02.00-28-089/10-00.


Agenda of the Meeting:

  • Deliberation on documents supporting the financial report for the period from September 21, 2013 until January 31, 2014. The time limits for the documents submission were agreed upon.
  • Deliberation on auditors’ visits in the Partners’ principal offices, and subsequent visit dates were agreed upon.
  • Deliberation on outstanding issues regarding the financial report drawn up by the Provincial Integrated Hospital in Elbląg.
  • Briefing on the Projects implementation progress.
  • Deliberation on subsequent meetings and distribution of the comic books among children in Kaliningrad and Elbląg.
  • The visit paid to the Medical Emergency Department in Elbląg at ul. Orzeszkowa. The briefing on the construction works progress.