Meeting of the Project Team in Elbląg

In the period from 27th November 2014 until 28th November 2014 the final meeting of the Project Team of the Municipal Ambulance Station in Kaliningrad and the Provincial Integrated Hospital in Elbląg took place.

The meeting regarded the Russian Project entitled: “Development of modern emergency medicine units through the infrastructure modernization, extending of decisions support systems and increasing medical benefits based on the cross-border cooperation” Contract reference number: ILPR.02.02.00-96-030/10-00.

2014_11_27-28_spotkanie_robocze_w_elblagu_02-jpgAims of the meeting:

  1. Overview of the issues regarding reporting and financing within the framework of the Project.
  2. Summarizing the deliverables in result of 2-year implementation of the Project.
  3. Overview on the extension of the period of the Project implementation.