Project Implementation Has Been Completed

We would like to inform you that the Provincial Integrated Hospital in Elbląg has completed implementation of the project entitled: ‘Development of modern emergency units by infrastructure modernisation, extension of decision supporting systems and increasing the quality of medical services provided based on the cross-border cooperation’ within the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Lithuania-Poland-Russia on 28th March 2015. The Project has been implemented through the partnership of the Provincial Integrated Hospital in Elbląg and the City Ambulance Station in Kaliningrad.


The adaptation, modernization and reconstruction of the facilities localized at 6 Orzeszkowej Street were carried out to meet the needs of the medical rescue teams thanks to the obtained financial assistance. Thus the Medical Emergency Department of the Provincial Integrated Hospital in Elbląg obtained one of the most innovative medical rescue facilities in the country. It is equipped with:

  1. five state-of-the-art ambulances, including related equipment,
  2. a state-of-the-art telemedicine system consisting of Zoll X Series defibrillators (9 pieces), a local server along with specialized software,
  3. seven LUKAS 2 devices used for automated non-invasive cardiac massage,
  4. a digital communication system for dispatch notices, data transmission and localization of rescue teams (installed in ambulances),
  5. software and a decision support system, data transmission system and ambulance location system (installed in the dispatch room at 6 Orzeszkowej Street),
  6. phantoms used for training  life rescue techniques,
  7. video laryngoscopes – 2 pieces,
  8. devices for disinfecting ambulances – 2 pieces.

Moreover, the conference hall in the main building of the hospital has been modernised. At present it is a modern facility with audiovisual equipment, among others: a tripod screen, LCD TV-set, projectors, an interactive board, a wireless presenting device, photocopier, graphic tablet, room speakers, wireless microphones, a portable computer, a digital camera, a digital camcorder, visualiser. The utility room of the conference hall, where household appliances will be installed (a coffee maker, microwave oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, heated vacuum flasks), has also been adapted.

Apart from the investments, a series of meetings and training sessions for medical rescuers from Elbląg and Kaliningrad was organized in Poland and Russia. Thanks to them, experience and good practices were shared among medical emergency services of both countries.