Partner’s Project


Project Title: Development of the modern ambulance station by  means of  infrastructure modernisation, extension of medical services as well as  experience within the cross-border cooperation

Project Overall Goal: immediate, professional and effective assistance for the residents of Kaliningrad in the form of emergency medical assistance provided inside an ambulance.

Specific objectives of the Project:

  • Renovation and modernisation of the building of the City of Kaliningrad Municipal Ambulance Station.
  • Purchase of 4 ambulances
  • Purchase of 4 ambulance defibrillators

Major Activities:

  • Renovation of the building of the City of Kaliningrad Municipal Ambulance Station.
  • Purchase of the furniture and equipment to secure regular operations of the ambulance station.
  • Purchase of 4 new ambulances.
  • Purchase of 4 defibrillators for the new ambulances.
  • Purchase of the office equipment for the implementation of the Project and for the purpose of the ex-post use enjoyed by the ambulance station in Kaliningrad
  • Development and maintenance of the Project website.
  • Establishment of a Project Team representing the Polish and Russian parties (8 people representing the Russian Party, and 6 people representing the Polish Party) for the successful joint implementation of the Project.
  • Organization of two training seminars in Kaliningrad for medical rescue workers team from Elblag to the extent of medical first aid and training in the field of medical first aid.
  • 6 meetings of the Project Team concerning the Project implementation.
  • 1 seminar for the medical rescue workers team in the field of the European standards in medical emergency services in conformity with the EU directives and national laws binding in Poland and Russia.
  • The two-day round-up meeting of the Project Team in Russia.

Overall cost of the Project : EUR 2 752 023,86 (100 %)
Financial contribution of the European Union:  EUR 2 476 821,47 (90 %)
Financial contribution of the Applicant : EUR 261 442,26 (9,5 %)
Financial contribution of the Partner: EUR 13 760,12 (0,5 %)